Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Steals

I've been doing some school shopping lately hitting up various stores here and there. Some have not been too impressing, but others did not disappoint! I'll share a few steals I found this week :) 

went to our local thrift store and was surprised by the goodies I found. I got a total of 15 books for a whopping $6.45!!! Not just any books, some really good ones!! The Mitten is always a class favorite and I can never have too many copies! Check out the rest of the titles in my picture above. My next awesome bargain was 7 plastic bins for $.39 each! That's $2.73 people! Any teachers knows you can NEVER have too many bins for storage, games, etc. 
Target was my next stop...
I hit up the dollar spot and picked up a few good things. My most expensive purchase in this area was that cute chevron planner for $3. The ocean glitter cut-outs were only $2.73, everything else was $1--> $15.73 so far...keep going you don't want to miss the next thing. 
So, when I was babysitting my sweet nieces (age 2 & 5) the other day she had this awesome toy. I asked my sister-in-law where she got it and immediately went to Target to pick it up. Why you ask??? It's a great thing to put in my dramatic play area that incorporates lots of different skills. The frosting on the cookie is Velcro so you start off with all the pieces of cookie dough together (also Velcro) making one long cylinder. The child uses the knife to cut through the Velcro and VOILA you have a cookie for your pan...ummm hello fine motor skills! Once you cut all the pieces and use the spatula to place on the pan (Velcro too) they can put it in the pretend oven, take them out, then decorate with the different frosting. You could extend this by asking the children to sort the cookies by color, sprinkles, etc. Also, you can make a math activity by asking how many sprinkles are on the cookies. I just loved this well made, wooden toy by Melissa and Doug! Plus it was only $14.99
Last, but not least...I got this little gem! I love peacocks so this adorable wallet on clearance for $2.98 was a MUST HAVE!! 
Target--> Spent $33.70
Thrift Store --> Spent $9.18
Total for the day: $42.88...not too bad!! Hoping for some good deals this week too! 

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