Monday, July 22, 2013

Made it Monday

As I mentioned in my previous post I went to the Alabama Kindergarten Conference in Huntsville, AL. During the conference Cindy Middendorf had awesome ideas relating to the Language Arts Common Core. Today I'm sharing one game Cindy showed us called "Grrrr." Here are the materials you will need: 
  • Markers--> Red, blue and black marker
  • empty jar
  • craft sticks (I prefer the jumbo sized) 
  • List of Fry Words

How to make:
  • Color 30 popsicle tips red--> 26 will have each letter from the alphabet and 4 will say 'Grrr.' 
  • Color about 20 popsicle tips blue --> Choose around 16 Fry Words to write on the sticks and the other 4 will say 'Grrr.' [I would start with this amount and work up to a higher amount towards the middle/end of year]
  • Place both colored sticks in the empty jar and decorate it as desired. 

Finished project. Fierce, right??? Now, the important stuff...
How to play:
  • TTW pull a stick from jar (depending on the child's learning level will help you decide the color to pull) For ex. If the child needs more practice with letters/sounds pull a red stick.
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT: If the child reads the letter/word they KEEP it...if they read it incorrectly they KEEP it. ---> So, either way the child keeps it!! 
  • If you pull a 'Grrr' stick then that child has to give back all of their sticks and start over.
** I love this because this doesn't make our little "Jacks" feel discouraged or not as smart as others. PLUS our smart little "Lindsays" won't always have the most sticks and win.

Hope you love this games as much as me! I thought it was pure genius! Let me know if you have any questions :) 

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