Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kindergarten Conference in Huntsville, AL

Okay, okay I know it's been forever a while since I have posted. My plan to document my class was not too successful. Oh well, there's always next year...right?? I was inspired by one of my best friends to get back in the blogging world (Check out her blog First Grade Fancies) I've already learned so much from her! Best friends much so that another one of my good friends and I decided to travel to Huntsvegas (since we couldn't afford the Vegas conference) for the Kindergarten Conference. 

I was super excited about attending because the ONE and ONLY Jack Hartmann was scheduled to speak sing :) My friend, Laura Beth, and I had a blast. We learned some great new songs, sang-a-long with some of his oldies, and YES we were dancing every motion without missing a beat! I gladly volunteered Laura Beth to help assist him in being the part of a 'rapper' in one of his songs (I'm a great friend, right). Thank goodness she doesn't have a blog, or she just might kill me for posting this. 

She's in the red with chains and cowboy boots :)
Jack showing us his hip hop skills.
If you EVER have the opportunity to hear Jack Hartmann speak I can guarantee you that you will NOT leave disappointed (and no, he's not paying me to say this). 

In addition to Jack, we also heard Michael Shoulders and Cindy Middendorf. Both were amazing! 
Did you know that 78% of males make D's & F's???? Or how about that 95% of males are ADHD??? As educators it is our job to make sure our children stay interested in reading throughout their school years.  Michael gave us a lot of good books to introduce to our boys to help them stay interested which included books on bugs, machinery, cars, and YES flatulation!! Cindy shared great games and activities with us incorporating the Language Arts Common Core.

The only proper way to end this post is with this picture...
Laura Beth, Jack, and I. Jealous much ;) 
WOW!!! What a great day!! 

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