Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Hello all! I have been enjoying every moment of my summer!! It's amazing the things you can get, yard work, doctor appointments. It's been great! On top of that I started a little part time job for the summer working as a reception at my hairstylist's salon. If anyone knows me you will know I needed to do sonethig because I can't sit at the home...I'd go crazy! I'll post a new picture of my new "do" that I'm so in love with. It wasn't long enough to give it to locks of love again, but I sure needed the healthy cut!

Next week I will be attending the Mid-South Reading & Writing Institute. I'm excited to see Peter Johnston! If you are a teacher and haven't read his book, Choice Words, it's a MUST!! After the conference my mind is going to get back in the "school zone" and I'm going to get organized :) Is it crazy that I'm excited about that??

I'll keep you posted on the conference!


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