Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MidSouth Reading & Writing Institute

Well, the 2012 MidSouth conference did NOT disappoint!! It was absolutely fabulous! On Day 1 we had the honor of meeting the children's author, Jerry Pallotta. He spoke to us about about how he became an author...and would you believe it was because a teacher once told him how important it was to read to his children nightly??? After reading so many great children's book he decided to write his own, and WOW am I glad! I got his books "How Will I Get to School" and "Dory Story," both are must haves!

Jerry and I :)

On Day 2 we had the pleasure of hearing Peter Johnston ALL day!! He is such an inspiration to education! He reminded me how teachers have such a huge impact in children. He asked a question that really had me thinking "What do you want the students to take with them at the end of the year?" Fellow teachers and I said we wanted them to be confident, independent, problem solvers, and much more. I decided I wanted to rephrase this question to my upcoming parents this year! I really want to know where they want their children, and I will fulfill that to the best of my ability! If ever you get a chance to hear Peter Johnston take it!! He won't disappoint and will leave you simply inspired.

Petter Johnston and I

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