Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIY Projects: Peacock C

Since summer is in full swing and I will not dare step foot in the 100+ degree weather I have had plenty of time to do things I love...CRAFTS!
My husband and I purchased our first home 2 weeks before Christmas and in the middle of my first year teacher (were we nuts or what??) so I've really been able to decorate the rooms in more detail lately. One fun thing to know about me is I LOVE peacocks! Their colors are so beautiful and I've always wanted to incorporate my love for them in our bedroom. I started by finding one piece I really loved and decorated my whole bedroom around that piece. I recently created a project to place in my room. Check it out!

Materials needed:
-Hot glue gun
-Yarn (use the color of your choice)
-Cardboard letter (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby)
-Peacock feather (again you can use something different here)

1. I began wrapping the yarn around my 'C' cardboard letter. [This is a very tedious step. You may want to stop and hot glue every so often to assure the yarn will stay in place]
2. Once the yarn is wrapped completely around your letter you can begin adding your embellishments. I chose to use a peacock feather. I simply glued it in place on the side. Below is my end result. Cute or what??

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